Buyer Advisory Services

Recently Completed Projects

Engineering Firm: Buy-side engagement to help a Buyer acquire an Engineering Firm in Utah.  This engagement included deal structure negotiation, Due Diligence, Valuation and Buy-side advisory services. Business Sales Group was referred by a local bank to help the buyer negotiate the treacherous waters of buying a business. He had no agent or representation and was feeling "naked" going into the transaction.  The team at Business Sales Group quickly put his mind at ease by helping him understand what to expect in a transaction like this and what is “normal”.  Congratulations to the Buyer! Deal size – $1.5 Million.

Internet Marketing and Lead Generation. Buy-side mandate to advise the Buyer on the acquisition of an internet marketing and lead generation company.  Buyer had purchased businesses before and was a savvy buy who needed help generating Due Diligence lists, negotiation of the purchase, Seller vetting and background checks, accounting, auditing of the book and records, acquisition strategy.   Deal size - $1.3 Million

Dental Practices.  Buy-side engagement, ongoing, to assist a group of dentists acquire practices on the East Coast. The engagement includes: overseeing and managing a targeted marketing campaign, identifying good targets, determining value, overseeing all aspects of Due Diiligence, deal negotiation and managing the transitions from Offer stage through Closing.  Deal sizes are between $600,000 – $3,000,000.  Have made 3 acquisitions in the last 12 months in Ohio and Michigan.  Will be doing another 6 within the next 12 months.

Commercial Construction and Concrete.  Buy-side engagement to assist a Buyer with the acquisition of a business. He first needed assistance with valuing the business he had under contract.  He wasn't sure what the value was or if he was shooting in the dark.  He also needed help with the paperwork and making sure he was addressing all pertinent issues in the LOI he had already done.  We identified important deficiencies in the LOI and helped correct them. We also valued the business for him and helped him decide that this business was overpriced and not for him, saving him $1.8 Million and a lot of headaches and heartache.  Deal sizes  $1.8 Million. 

Online Outdoor Products.  Buy-side engagement.  Successful purchase of an online retail business selling mostly through Amazon. Performed valuation services, negotiation, due diligence, accounting and closing services.  Deal size less than  $1.0 Million. 

Event Planning Business.  Buy-side engagement.  Successful purchase of an event planning business.  Performed completed buyer-advisory services including valuation services, negotiation, due diligence, accounting and closing services.  Deal size less than  $1.0 Million.