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18 Steps to Buying a Business 29 Page Ebook
Important Buzzwords and Acronyms

Find Businesses For Sale

Business Valuation

List of Websites to Search
Elite Buying Access

Legal Templates

Fillable Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA)
Fillable Letter of Intent to Purchase (LOI)
Fillable Asset Purchase Agreement (APA)
Business Valuation Questionnaire
Broker Professional Opinion of Value (BPO)
28 Page Business Valuation

What To Ask

38 Questions to Ask the Seller at the First Meeting
In-depth Questions to Ask the Seller at the Second Meeting

Step by Step Instructions for Completing Due Diligence

Reasonableness Testing of Yearly Financials
Comparing Tax Returns to Internally-prepared Financials
Due Diligence Procedures
Due Diligence Request Checklist
Calculating Cashflow, SDE, and EBITDA
Revenue Testing - Bank Statement Worksheet
Monthly Cash Flow After
Debt Service Worksheet